Tiara G.

I have fully finished my set of cleanses both round 1 and 2. And I feel absolutely great! Not fully finished my 30 day challenge yet but, just wanted to share my progress! I truly am so happy about my results!! And feel so blessed to have such an amazing coach right by my side! It’s progress celebration day and I feel amazing.

Dylan S.

Having originally gotten into this company to create a residual income for myself so have the freedom to travel ✈️ – wherever I want, whenever I want, for as long as I want (already earning equivalently 30% of my average weekly income) – I’m absolutely stoked with my personal results from nutritional cleaning!! Insane Amounts of Energy 🏄 Increased Mental Clarity 📝 Building Lean Muscle 💪 Control of Stress and Anxiety 😵Improved Sleeping 💤 

Healthier 🍉 Stronger 🏋 Happier 😀 Wealthier 💰Im loving where my life is heading right now 💯💯💯 

Tara M

Before nutritional cleansing how I talked to myself went alot like this: 
“I can’t do this.”
“This is too hard.”
“I’m just fat and that’s all I’m ever going to be, why bother?”
“This is going to take forever, be too much work and I’m already exhausted just thinking about it.

It wasn’t until I shut that all down, got over my BS excuses, and starting telling myself what I needed to hear to get it done.💪
“I CAN!”

The only way to fail is by giving up, so don’t‼️This is 💯% possible for everyone! “

Joseph M

I am a 48-year-old father, husband, and retired United States Army veteran of 21+ years of service who needed to get back in shape as if my life depended on it. After my retirement, I continued to gain weight as I settled into my new lifestyle. I became more comfortable with the steady weight gain, and told myself it was all a part of getting older. At times, I would attempt to exercise and the weight would go down slightly, then return. No program really stuck. Even as medical issues developed, I continued to believe these concerns were due to aging and not to my weight gain. Classic denial! I peaked at a weight of 211 pounds. Jump forward to the birth of my second daughter in February 2012. My wife and I started to take more pictures, and I noticed how much weight I had really gained! I started to see myself from a different point of view, and that point of view was how everyone else saw me. As I researched options to drop the weight permanently, we ran across Isagenix. Wow – let the transformation begin! I received my initial pack and started the 30-day weight loss program. I kept with it ever since, and I have never felt better in my life, and am in better shape now than when I was in the Army. I have lost a total of 45 pounds with Isagenix, and have more energy than ever. I love what Isagenix has done for my quality of life! The products are amazing! I enjoy them every day, and really look forward to cleanse days. Because of my personal transformation, I take every opportunity to share my story with others with the hope that Isagenix will help them toward their goals also.

Dawn F

Before Isagenix I was an overweight, overwhelmed, and over-stressed accountant and mother of two teenage boys. I was tired of feeling tired all the time and the weight just continued to grow on me. I had tried other things in the past and figured this is how it’s supposed to be after you hit your 40’s. Nothing seemed to work. Desperate for relief, I decided to finally give Isagenix a try. After just a few short days I began to lose weight, sleep through the night and have energy I never had before. I was able to increased my endurance and performance in the gym and I was overall feeling the best I have felt in years! At the beginning of my new healthy lifestyle, I did not want to embrace in the business opportunity as I was working two jobs and felt I didn’t have the time to take on another thing. That all changed when I decided this program was for everyone and I required to share it with as many people I knew! I released 23 pounds during my own journey and with hard work, dedication, commitment and a true passion to help others, I was also able to leave my corporate career as an accountant and also bring my husband home. Being recognized as the company’s 175th millionaire was an unbelievable achievement. That means thousands of lives have been changed for me to hit that milestone. Isagenix was the best decision I made for myself and for my family. Living a healthy lifestyle is key for each and everyone of us!!

Prior to Isagenix I was relatively healthy. I had been a full-time personal trainer for 8 years, worked out 5-6 days per week and had a well-balanced diet. Getting physical results was never an issue for me but I never really realized how much my overall health was lacking. When I was introduced to Isagenix, it was a lot different than other programs I had come across. Everything from the quality of the products to it being designed to improve overall health first and foremost. To be honest, I was never really a fan of meal replacements, but because the quality of the products and it being all natural, I figured I’d give it a shot. Long story short, within a couple weeks I felt amazing! My energy was up, recovery between workouts improved and I shed some body fat even though that wasn’t my primary goal. These products are now a part of my daily lifestyle and I wouldn’t go a day without them!

Catherine G

I struggled with weight all my life, but the motivation to manage it was never consistent. As a stay-at-home mom, I already couldn’t keep up with my kids’ energy, let alone lose weight. Everything changed in February 2016 when I went on a trip with my husband and two daughters to an amusement park. As we walked up to the ticket booth, I saw a big sign that stated there was a weight limit to go on the rides. My eyes filled with tears as I realized I wouldn’t be able to ride anything, and I didn’t want to explain the reason why to my kids. At that moment, I knew I needed to get my weight under control so I could be a better role model for my kids and improve my health and well-being. I was given a new life thanks to Isagenix.

Reginald J

A year and a half ago I was sitting at a desk all day; studying and doing homework at night. After 2 years of coursework, late night snacking and inactivity had taken its toll. I was several pounds overweight and suffered in silence because no one knew how miserableI felt! I saw an Isagenix transformation post on Facebook and decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. After a few weeks of skepticism, I gave it a try. Within 3 or 4 days, I felt like a new man! I had more energy than I could remember, and quickly released the weight wanted to lose. I even had the energy to get back in the gym. Now I use the AMPED line to fuel my body as I train for Spartan races! Even with a twenty year career in the Marine Corps, I’m definitely in the best shape of my life!

I haven’t been extremely strict and I’m now working my way back to teaching Zumba. The 1st pic is 38+ weeks, the 2nd is 10 days after having our little girl… the 3rd is 3 weeks postpartum and the last is 5 weeks since her arrival. I’ve been using Nutritional Cleansing for the last 4 years (before, during and after my pregnancies) to help stay healthy & live a balanced lifestyle. I’ve never had to be a mom without it and I couldn’t imagine my life now without the convenience & nutrition it provides me and my family. I am proud of my body. It’s carried 2 beautiful babies and I will continue to fuel it with the best nutrition so that I can keep dancing and sharing my passion with all of you.

I can never thank God enough for how far He has brought me on this nutritional cleansing journey. Weight loss did not just happen to me. It took the right nutrients, hard work with persistency and consistency. When you start something, be serious about it and know that your success will surely come. I am indeed a testament that our nutritional cleansing system works. Stay focused and be encouraged that WE GOT THIS!

When Eric finished his last collegiate swim race after a decade of competitive swimming, he had no idea how different life without swimming would be. In four months’ time, he gained 25 pounds and missed the competition and camaraderie he’d had with his teammates. Fast-forward to the end of his first IsaBody Challenge, and Eric is not only in better shape than he was as a swimmer, but he also has a community of friends he met through his new active lifestyle. Isagenix didn’t just change Eric’s life — it gave him a new one.

Since her first IsaBody Challenge in 2014, Lori has had her share of peaks and valleys. She knows the path to success is supposed to be that way, but that didn’t make the journey any easier. When an unexpected surgery sent her into surgical menopause at 43, she hit her lowest valley. Doctors told her the weight gain was something she just had to accept, but Isagenix, the IsaBody Challenge, and her amazing husband, Jim, gave her the confidence she needed to change her outcome.

Following numerous health issues and misdiagnoses by his doctors, former U.S. Navy sailor Orlando knew it was time to start advocating for his own well-being and taking better care of his health. A lack of exercise and poor nutrition certainly wasn’t helping his condition, so when his wife brought Isagenix home, he knew he needed this nutrition in his life, always.