“Jessica has been a great coach! Her story and journey has been amazing and inspirational and the reason I first reached out to her. I followed the program for a few months and lost weight and was so happy and confident. I have had some set backs but Jessica has been there to talk to and brainstorm ideas with me. She doesn’t make me feel bad or guilty but provides nothing but motivation! She’s been great! ” – Lindsay

What can I say about my coach? What started out as what is Isagenix turned into a new life style for me and I got a friend as a bonus! Jess is always there to give you a word of encouragement, expertise about the products, finds answers if she doesnt know the answer and so forth. Jess understands the struggle to try a new lifestyle when those around you don’t get it and aren’t on board and is a good listener. Jess even listens and offers support when it comes to issues like the loss of your mom, body dysmorpgic syndrome, kid issues, anxiety, exercise addiction,  etc. Just like I said a true friend who was my only friend to take the time to send flowers after my mom passed. What more is there to say. A true gem!” -Lisa Scalise